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3 image frame: Frame 1, inaccessible, shows 3 people attempting to write on a chalkboard but one is too short and another is in a wheelchair. Image 2, accommodation, shows the same image with a step for the person who is too short and a ramp to raise the one in the wheelchair. Image 3, accessibility, shows a larger chalkboard lower on the wall so all can reach.

Section 508 is designed to break down barriers to access by creating content that is accessible to all, regardless of disability or ability, and reducing the need for accommodations.

508 Ally's Goal

Our goal goes beyond our promise to provide quality work in a timely manner and to deliver products in full compliance with Section 508. We also strive to make sure that it's accessible to the widest audience possible no matter what type of disability your users may have or what type of assistive technology they may be using. Our testers and remediators use popular assistive technology and manual methods used by persons with disabilities. This way we ensure we aren’t just checking all the boxes, but that we are making sure products are accessible and function well for all users on all platforms.

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